Leather L1010

Product number: L1010
EN 1021, IMO A652, BS 5852, Blue Angel
Selectable special options
FOC, Crib5
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Leather thicknes
1,3 - 1,5 mm
Available in
11 Colors
Solid-coloured nappa leather with th look of flat saddleleather
A dyed through nappa leather with a special tanning. This new type of leather with a very flat saddle look is accompanied by a soft, full touch of leather furniture and an extremely easy adjustment. Natural features emphasise this leather's natural character through its transparent design instead of concealing them. As leather is a product of nature the size of the individual skins varies. The average size of a single skin is approximately 5 sqm. Therefore, we can tell you how many skins will be delivered to you in a confirmation mail after you placed your first e-mail inquiry.