Travelling out of a picture book. Materials made by Schauenburg allow you to sit comfortably even on long distances. Our exclusive products demonstrate both high durability and extraordinary comfort. Naturally, the materials used for this segment are also optimized with regards to their colour fastness to perspiration, ageing, and colour fastness to rubbing.

Certificates: BUS CERTIFICATES: FMVSS 302, Directive 95/28EC, ECE 118, colour fastness to rubbing: DIN EN ISO 105-X12, colour fastness to perspiration: DIN EN ISO 105-E104, ageing (HLA): DIN EN ISO 105-B06, odour test: VDA 270 C2, FOC on demand TRAIN CERTIFICATES: DIN 5510, TL DB leather, TL DB synthetic leather, FOC on demand, further certificates on demand