Leather L1040

Product number: L1040
EN 1021, IMO A652, BS 5852, NF D 60-013, SN 198'898 (1987), NF P 92-203, UNI 9175, UNE 23-727-90, IMO res. MSC.61 - Surface materials and floor coverings
Selectable special options
B1, FOC, Crib5
Ready for shipping
Leather thicknes
1,1 - 1,3 mm
Available in
57 Colors
Tough, easy-care furniture leather with solid grip
Only carefully selected bull hides are used for the production of L1040. This resilient furniture leather offers full grip, its natural colours possess many performance characteristics. Not least because of these designers can find many fields of use for this material, for example in outdoor areas.