English and stylish: K330 provides a natural textile look
Discover a new and high-quality geotextile with the style of the “Oxford”-textile pattern.

K330 is a fascinating imitation of the “Oxford”-textile pattern. And it wants to be touched.

Thanks to PERMABLOK3® it provides good protection against bacteria, abrasions, and stains. With 21 fresh and modern colours K330 is well-suited for the use in cars, ships, interior and exterior segments. And last but not least: K330 is free of phthalate.


On the road and on demand
Our all-new digital Colour-Cards provide practical information anywhere you need it.

Download now: individual Colour-Cards for every single material.

Discover the big variety of materials and colours at any place you need it. Our new digital Colour-Cards give you detailed Information on every single material and lists of specifications – on laptop, smartphone and tablet.

You’ll find the digital Colour-Cards whether direct on the side of the material or at the end of the Wiki-page. Here the cards are listed in a comfortable way (leather, faux leather and microfibre).

Just like in nature:
The circuit of upcycling
Resources treated with care: Have a look at our Dinamica Microfibre fabrics made from more than 50% recycled PET-bottles.

The microfibre fabrics from Schauenburg provide not just quality and robustness. Dinamica microfibre fabrics are pioneers of sustainability. They are more than 50% made of old plastic bottles (PET) and can be easily recycled and returned back to the material processes.

1. Plastic waste where it shouldn’t be: Soon there are more PET-bottles than fish in our oceans.
2. It’s better to collect and sort the plastic waste before it enters the environment.
3. The granules from crushed PET-bottles and cups are the feedstock for further processing.
4. Upcycling as we want it: The result is a robust is a high-quality material for upholstery that offers alluring haptics.

The excellent quality characteristics of the fabrics are on a technologically advanced level - just as usual: They are robust, easy to care and provide a long-lasting and wide color range.

Just have a go on Dinamica microfibre M2010, M2020, M2030 and M2040 and get your sample for free.


New colors, new equipment: K303 and K310 come with B1 as KB03 and KB10
K303 and K310 equipped with B1 for higher flame resistance: Discover the colourful variety of KB03 and KB10.

Get surprised with more than 20 fresh and new colours: All new geotextile KB03 and faux leather KB10 are equipped with B1 for flame resistance. Beside antibacterial and antifungal protection KB03 and KB10 are equipped with PERMABLOK3®.

Get your free trials of KB03 and KB10 and discover the high quality and actuality of this materials.

TO Fauxleather KB10

Saves you
a lot of work.
Samples 4U: Discover leather, faux leather and microfibre via free app and as cost-free samples.

Our cost-free app “Samples4U” allows you to discover our entire range of products on your mobile device – and to arrange it according to certain characteristics such as certificates.

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